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I created the Adulting is Easy project as my 20's were coming to an end. What started as a concern about how unprepared for retirement most Americans are has morphed into a desire to help young people start preparing NOW by educating them.


I was raised in St. Petersburg, FL, by my parents alongside 2 siblings. My sister is 13 years younger than me, and preparing Jenny for her financial future is a key driver behind this project.

By buying a house in the depths of the Great Recession, I stumbled into 6-figure net worth and started to manage this modest wealth with purpose. As I was educating myself, I naturally began talking to the people around me about what I was learning. Then, friends and family started asking questions about money.

This site is a repository of knowledge from my research answering my own or others' questions. I'm posting in the hopes that others can gain a better understanding of wealth and money.

Note: I have a Business Finance degree from the University of Florida and I'm working on a Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning online at Boston University. I don't hold any certifications for personal financial planning or management. Please use the information presented through the Adulting Is Easy blogs, podcasts, and social media to inform yourself and then speak with someone who is certified to help.

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