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About Lauren Keen Aumond

  • Lives in Tampa Bay, FL

  • 33 years old

  • Married to Aric (age 30) since 2019, together since 2015

  • 13 years older than her sister, 2 years older than her brother

  • 1 niece and 1 nephew, no kids

  • Loves red wine, and watching and playing sports

  • Bachelor's in Finance from the University of Florida

  • Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University

  • Teacher at Cash Flow University

  • 9-5 job as a B2B salesperson

  • Net worth between $1 million and $2 million

  • Hundreds of thousands in stocks (index funds)

  • 3 properties with mortgage debt > $1 million

  • 14 total doors with 3 long-term rentals, 10 short-term rentals, and a primary (house hacking)

  • Short-term rentals include primary and a camper

  • Started this site to help educate about personal finance because if we make money easier, we make adulting easier too


Not a licensed financial professional. Please consider information shared as informational then speak with someone who is.

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