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I created the Adulting is Easy Blog as my 20's were coming to an end. A real concern of mine is how much Americans spend, how little we save, and how unprepared for retirement most of us are.


I was raised in St. Petersburg, FL, by my parents alongside 2 siblings. My parents taught me about saving, investing, retirement, and all things money. Luckily, they were good financial role models. 

By buying a house in the depths of the Great Recession, I stumbled into 6-figure net worth and started to manage this modest wealth with purpose. As I was educating myself, I naturally began talking to the people around me about what I was learning. Then, friends and family started asking questions about money.

This blog is a repository of knowledge from my research answering my own or others' questions. I'm posting in the hopes that others can gain a better understanding of wealth and money.

A little bit of knowledge and behavior change can go a long way. I can't emphasize enough Americans are not saving enough for retirement, and if that doesn't change soon we'll all be in trouble.

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