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Adulting Is Easy’s Favorite Quotes from Smart Couples Finish Rich

Few personal finance writers come more recommended than David Bach. He’s written many books on the topic. For my foray into his indispensable thinking, I chose Smart Couples Finish Rich. We’ve all heard that the number one topic couples fight about is money, and this book is meant to keep those arguments to a minimum as well as set the couple up to finish their life rich. Read through my favorite quotes below and let me know if you have any to add if you’ve already read it. If you haven’t read this book yet, hopefully these quotes will get you to consider picking it up.

“[B]ecoming an investor and becoming wealthy are not the same thing.”

“[T]here are very few things in a relationship that can do more to solidify your bond and make you stronger as a couple than planning your financial future together.”

“The sooner your start working together, the more quickly you can dramatically improve your financial picture.”

“[L]ove has nothing to do with money."

“Becoming rich is nothing more than a matter of committing to a systematic savings and investment plan.”

“Everyone makes enough to invest.”

“The bottom line is that you and your partner are trading precious time in your life for this income.”

“The truth is that most midlife crises occur because people get to a certain age with all this stuff they’ve accumulated and suddenly it hits them that their stuff isn’t really making them happy – that this stuff they’ve spent all this time and effort getting is actually the wrong stuff.”

“[T]he truth is that there’s no such thing as a ‘self-made’ person.”

“If a goal is going to cost money, and you don’t start planning and saving for the cost, you are not going to achieve it.”

“The reality of life is that just about everyone in America makes enough money to be wealthy.”

“About one million people a year declare bankruptcy in America. It’s almost patriotic to spend yourself into poverty.”

“All too often, being careful about the big things makes us feel as if we can afford to forget about the little things.”

“The number-one reason people let their dreams go unfulfilled – the reason they leave them in the closet of life, collecting dust – is money.”

“I am constantly amazed at the way some people try to avoid improving their lives.”

“Many people don’t bother to change their spending habits or start saving simply because their future doesn’t seem compelling enough to motivate them.”

“[R]emember – knowing something is dumb and not doing it are two different things.”

“Remember…you can’t park your car or sleep inside a mutual fund.”

“The idea that you are going to figure out when to move from stocks, bonds, and other investments to cash and avoid the next market downturn is a myth. You’re not going to successfully time the market.”

“Most important, remember that it pays to stay invested. It’s expensive to panic.”

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