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Books to Read to Develop a Personal Finance Mindset

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I have read hundreds of books, dozens of which are related to personal finance, business, or real estate. Recently, my husband suggested I create a step-by-step reading list for those interested in learning about personal finance, and you will find that list below. If you read these books in this order, I believe you will develop both a healthier relationship with money and a mindset ideal for generating wealth.

1. Optional: The Richest Man in Babylon: this book teaches the reader about money using parables. If money seems intimidating and the reader wants to start with an easy read and a quick win, they should start here.

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad: this book will cement into any reader’s head that money can make money on its own. The author encourages readers to spend money on assets, which make them money, and use that money to fund life and other purchases.

3. Millionaire Next Door: this book illustrates that most of America’s millionaires became that way from hard work and diligent saving. The reader will walk away knowing they too can become a millionaire next door.

4. Your Money or Your Life: this book shows the reader that they have a relationship with money, and that money is neither good nor bad, it is morally neutral. The reader will walk through a process to calculate net worth, track spending, and make changes as needed to retire happy.

5. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: this book forces the reader to confront how they feel about money based on how they were raised, their “money blueprints.” The author systematically walks the reader through ways rich people think differently than middle class or poor people. The reader will know which mindsets they need to change. Check out my favorite quotes from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

6. The Simple Path to Wealth: this book teaches personal finance 101 before giving the reader actionable ways to set and review their finances. The focus is on investing in index funds. Check out my favorite quotes from A Simple Path to Wealth.

7. I Will Teach You to Be Rich: this book provides a 6-week program to rid readers of debt, automate finances, practice conscious spending, and ultimately invest in a way that will take them into their rich life. Check out my favorite IWT quotes too.

8. Optional: Set for Life: this book is written to help young readers go from where they currently are to their first six figures in next worth. The author emphasizes using real estate to get there, so if you read the other books on this list and want to know more about real estate, read this book next. (Note that investing in real estate is contrary to the advice in A Simple Path to Wealth and I Will Teach You to Be Rich.) Here are some more ideas for real estate books to read.

9. Optional: A Random Walk Down Wall Street: this book goes into some serious detail about stocks and stock markets. If you want in depth understanding about how stocks are priced, how markets move, and different theories, check this book out. You can also read my favorite quotes from A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

Happy reading! Let me know if you like this list or not.

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