How to Learn About Short-Term Rentals (STRs)

Updated: 4 days ago

So you're interested in real estate investing, particularly short-term rentals? That's great! I myself own and manage 8 of them, so naturally people ask me how to learn all the time. I've listed what you should do in order of ambition, from low to high.

  1. Listen to Adulting Is Easy Podcast Episodes: - Episode 135: Short-Term Rental Arbitrage - Episode 125: Getting Started in STRs and Getting Direct Bookings - Episode 118: STR Regulations - Episode 112: STR Setup - Episode 106: Syndicating STRs - Episode 85: #WealthWednesday: STRs How to listen: - Spotify: - Apple: - Website: - YouTube: - And more

  2. Read Adulting Is Easy Blog Posts - 6 Things I Wish I Knew About Short-Term Rentals Before I Started - STRs vs LTRs - Short-Term Rental House Hack Case Study - Running the Numbers on Short-Term Rentals - New Real Estate Adventure on Our Way to FI

  3. Go to Bigger Pockets: (no affiliation with Adulting Is Easy) - Listen to podcasts - Interact in the forums - Buy and read this book: Short-Term Rental Long-Term Wealth

  4. Download Adulting Is Easy Resources: - Analysis Guides - Success Guide - Checklists (Free) - FAQs (Free) - Etc. - Guides are free if you're part of Cash Flow University...

  5. Join Cash Flow University: a group of 20+ experts teaches the following cash flow generation topics. I post what I'm doing every day, answer questions, analyze listings, and do live group coaching. - Sell stock options for passive income - *Start an STR business on AirBNB* - Build a Rental Property portfolio - Personal finance Q & A - Rent your car on Turo - Buy dividend stocks - Crypto mining - (code CFU-AIE gets you 50% off your first month)

  6. One-on-one coaching: I help you with your finances, analyze deals, and walk you through setting up your STR -

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