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25 Personal Finance Twitter Accounts You Should Follow (If You Don’t Already)

Below is a list of 25 Twitter accounts (including Twitter handle and their bio as of June 22, 2020) I enjoy getting personal finance information from. I either follow them or have them in my Personal Finance list.

1. Baby Boomer Super Saver @BabyBoomerSaves

Blogger & #retirement catch-up guide helping #BabyBoomers learn how to boost savings & become financially independent, even after a late start.

2. A Dime Saved @adimesaved

Millennial mom doing her best on a tight budget and sharing it all with you!

3. The Wise Connector @wiseconnector

FOLLOW ME to get BETTER at Life | Love | Health | Money . Change your mindset through Habits | Goals | Productivity | Life Changing Insights | Growth

4. Retirement Manifesto @retirementmanifesto

Author: Keys to a Successful Retirement. Founder: Click my website link for more!

5. Ryan Luke @ Arrest Your Debt @arrestyourdebt

🖱 Personal #Finance #Blogger 👫 Husband, Dad x3 🚔 Police Officer 💲 Helping People Become #DebtFree 💡Check Out The Blog👇

6. Minding My Thirties @mindingmythirties

30-something American Expat in Germany. Paid off $70K in debt | #FI striver. Minimalist investor, mindful spender. I can teach you how to mind your money.

7. Peerless Money @peerlessmoney

Personal Finance freelance writer. Business Insider Contributing Writer. Creator of the From Broke to Financially Woke Interview Series.

8. A Purple Life @apurplelifeblog

Retiring this year at age 30💸 l 🗞️As seen in @WSJ, @Forbes l 🏆 Best Personal Finance Article '19 l 🏖️Follow my journey to #EarlyRetirement:

9. Accidental FIRE @Accidental_Fire

Financially independent & semi-retired! Explorer of mountains, Writer, Teacher, Graphic Artist, Fitness junkie, Bourboner. STOKED.

10. FI After 40 @FIafter40

Financial Independence podcast host 🎙 and blogger 💻 focused on inspiring the pursuit of FI at any age

11. 15 Minutes to Money @money_in_15_min

Commodity Trader on my 9-5 | MBA |Money and Trading knowledge sent your way daily. Replace your 9-5 income below. 👇🏼#girldad #sports #money

12. Camp FIRE Finance @campfirefinance

Personal finance for those seeking FIRE, by those seeking FI/RE.

13. Tread Lightly, Retire Early @TreadLightly_RE

💃🏽 Female personal finance blogger🌲 Tree hugger 📰 As seen in The NY Times, Forbes 🏆 Best FIRE Blog ’19.

14. Route 2 FI @Route2FI

Investor | Writer | Reader | Thinker | How You Can Reach Financial Independence In 5-10 Years: 💰

15. Money After Graduation Inc @moneyaftergrad

Personal finance advice that doesn’t suck. Learn how to pay off debt, save money, invest in the stock market, and more! 💵 📈💰

16. Done by Forty @Done_by_Forty

FI by 40. Writing about personal finance, biases, and the middle class.

17. How to FIRE @HowToFIRE

Sam & John - 25 year olds sharing their journey to #FIRE. Helping others learn about Financial Independence along the way! #FIREMovement #FinancialIndependence

18. Radical FIRE @theRadicalFIRE

I teach people to organize their finances, make more money, and get FREEDOM from their 9-5! 💰💸

19. Tori Dunlap — Her First $100K @herfirst100K

award-winning money expert fighting the patriarchy through financial education | saved $100K at 25 | @GMA @NYTimes @TODAYshow @PEOPLE |

20. Frugal to FI @FrugaltoFI

Living on cash envelopes. Breaking down $90K of debt. (now at $66K).

21. Cody | Fly to FI @codydberman

Cody 👨🏼‍💻 Financial Independence Blogger 🌅 @thefishowguys Podcast host 🎤 Entrepreneur 🗃 Life Optimizer 🌎 On a mission to change the world — blog ⬇️⬇️

22. Method To Your Money @methodmoney

Husband and dad. Earning and saving all I can, giving and living all I can. Follow my journey at Live a beautiful, rich life.

23. Get Rich Slowly @getrichslowly

Named a best blog by Time magazine and most inspiring money blog by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance. Founder and editor: @jdroth

24. Downtown Josh Brown @ReformedBroker

Chairman of the Twitter Federal Reserve, star of CNBC’s The Halftime Report, CEO of Ritholtz Wealth Management

25. ESI Money @ESIMoneyBlog

Blogger at ESI Money -- Site designed to help you become financially independent by earning (E), saving (S), and investing (I).

Do you have any to add? Let me know @AdultingIsEasy.

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