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5 Most Popular Adulting Is Easy Interviews of 2022 (So Far)

It’s halfway through 2022, so let’s check in and see what the most popular podcast interviews are:

5. Episode 60: Using Side Hustles to Fund Real Estate

If you day job doesn’t pay the big bucks, you can still buy real estate. Learning how Tom Brickman aka the Frugal Gay flipped bras into condos – and how you can, too.

4. Episode 44: Coast FI with Jessica from The Fioneers

There’s such a thing as having enough saved for retirement and only needing to fund your lifestyle from now until then. Listen to learn how.

3. Episode 92: Laying the FI Foundation in Your 20s with FI Squirrel

Lay your foundation as early as you can. FI Squirrel did it through side hustles and stock purchases. This was a fun one.

2. Episode 103: FIRE in Your 20s with Rethink the Rat Race

This couple learned about FIRE and accomplished it in THREE YEARS. You CAN do this.

1. Episode 100: Retiring Early with the Landshark

The Landshark is a lawyer on his way out in his 40s – and he shocked everyone around him when he gave his notice. This is the most listened to interview Adulting Is Easy has ever done.

If you've been thinking about listening, but aren't sure where to start, here's the list you've been waiting for. I love recording these and I hope you love listening to them.

More ways to listen:

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