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The 5 Most Popular Adulting Is Easy Podcasts from the last Year

The Adulting Is Easy podcast exists to make adulting easier for listeners by explaining or discussing a personal finance topic, since managing money is a huge part of #adulting. Sometimes, I explain a topic to my sister or discuss one with my husband. Sometimes, I interview an expert in the personal finance space. I’ve been getting more questions about which episodes I’d recommend, but I’d rather let you know what other listeners are enjoying. Here are the 5 most popular podcasts from Adulting Is Easy for the last 12 months in order by number of listens.

5. AIE 44: Coast FI with Jessica from The Fioneers

There are many ways to reach financial independence (FI). Jessica and her husband from The Fioneers have chosen Coast FI, and she joined for episode 44 to explain to me what exactly Coast FI is.

4. AIE 36: Value Investing with Courtney Blodgett

It’s becoming increasingly rare that investors hand-pick their own portfolios. Index funds are growing in popularity, which allow investors to invest in a wide array of stocks easily and cheaply. Investing in index funds, however, means you lose some control over which companies you’re supporting. Courtney Blodgett joined me for episode 36 to discuss how to invest according to your values.

3. AIE 41: Financial Coaching with Kristen Ricupero

Financial planning, financial advising, financial coaching…what does it all mean? I have had quite a few financial advisors and planners on the show, so I invited Kristen Ricupero to join for episode 41 to discuss financial coaching. It turns out the listeners want to know too.

2. AIE 24: Steps to Take When Buying a Home

These last two have a leg up on the others on this list because they’ve been around longer. In episode 24, my husband and I talked about the 20 steps you take when buying a home. This episode is peppered with our wisdom and anecdotes and it seems like listeners are enjoying learning from our experiences.

1. AIE 19: HELOC vs. Home Equity Loan

I have a sneaking suspicion people listen to this one first because it’s so short, but maybe they really are just curious about the different between a home equity line of credit and a home equity loan. I was, and that’s why I brought my sister on for episode 19 to explain the results of my research to her.

What do you think about the popularity of these episodes? Is there an underrated one? Let me know on Twitter @AdultingIsEasy. Thanks for listening and hopefully I’m making adulting a little easier for you.

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