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To wrap up 2021, I put together some of the questions I've been asked throughout the year. Perhaps, you've been wondering some of the same things. I hope this helps.

1) Where should I buy stocks?

We only buy index funds, and we do so through our employer-sponsored 401k plans and Vanguard.

2) When should I sell stocks?

Again, we don’t own any individual stocks, and we haven’t needed the money from our stock portfolio for anything else. If one of your funds is underperforming, or if you need capital for a different investment (like real estate), then selling might make sense.

3) Should I own international stocks?

We do, about 5-10% of our portfolio.

4) Should I leave my 9-5?

I personally believe you should keep your 9-5 until you are so busy with your side hustles that you just can’t keep it anymore, assuming you can survive off side hustle income ONLY or are pretty sure if you devote more time to it, you will be able to very soon. A lot of wealth can be generated from a 9-5.

5) Should I pay off my house?

Mathematically, no. Interest rates on home loans in the US are so much lower than what you will make investing the additional money you’d be putting toward your house. However, you can use paying your house down as a forced savings mechanism if you are an undisciplined spender. Emotionally, if you can’t stand having a house payment, then yes.

6) Where should I buy crypto?

We hold crypto in FTX. At first, I bought in WeBull, but then I learned it’s held in their wallet only, so now we use FTX. We own a relatively small amount (<$10k).

7) What books should I read?

  • The Richest Man in Babylon

  • The Simple Path to Wealth

  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich

  • Your Money or Your Life

  • Millionaire Next Door

  • Psychology of Money

8) Is real estate passive?

No. Next question.

9) Why buy real estate when index fund investing is so much more passive?

  • Leverage

  • Appreciation

  • Loan paydown

  • Tax benefits

  • Cash flow

  • Diversification

  • Pride in ownership

If you have questions, you can DM me @AdultingIsEasy or email me at

Note: Everyone's financial situation is different, and what is right for me may not be right for you.

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